About darcy Quinn

Ey up! I'm Darcy and I'm a freelance artist. Queer, feminist, diverse art is one of my specialities and I have a passion for experimenting with different art styles and mediums.


  • 2010-2012: advanced art class as a high school senior, 80% (12 points in German system, converts to A- in American system) on final graduation exam
  • 2014-2020: owner of riotcakes, designing queer and feminist products in a variety of categories
  • 2018: created a zine filled with 30 drawn mixed media portraits of non-binary people
  • from 2018/2019: beginning of extensive self-taught art education with self-made curriculum of theory, practice, art courses (at various art and education institutions) as well as study trips (e.g. to Birmingham (UK), Berlin, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam in 2019 and London in 2020)
  • 22.3. - 12.08.2019: exhibition of portraits from 'Life Beyond the Binary' zine in the Andersraum in Hannover


  • 28.3.2020: art workshop at the Trans*Tagung in Hannover