Share your Self-Care

It's time for another #RiotUnion project! This time on the agenda: self-care!

It has been a difficult year for a lot of us and with stressful times ahead, we could all do with a bit of self-care and checking in on ourselves. Sharing our self-care routines, tips and more will help us help each other to work towards a better world together.


How do you practice self-care?

What helps you calm down and how do you treat yourself? What works best for you?

Have you got any tips?

How to take part

To take part, just share how YOU practice self-care, your routines and any tips you might have, on social media using the hashtag #RUselfcare.

If you use pictures to show us how, even better! You can check in on the hashtag to get ideas for your own self-care. Ask your friends to take part to get everyone's ideas flowing!


Everyone is going through something, so let's pull together to help each other with all kinds of different tips for different budgets and abilities. The more we collect, the more people can be helped by finding a self-care routine right for them!


Political activists work hard to improve the situation for marginalised people (for example), but still need to remember to take care of themselves, too.

You can help others more effectively when you have taken care of your needs with a recharge. You deserve to get rest and to treat yourself for your work.


You can also share any books, songs, educational videos, ASMR videos, podcasts online articles, or other media that you think are a helpful resource.

Once a few have been shared I will start collecting them here as a resources page, e.g. if you share youtube videos with me I can make a playlist.


Don't forget to use #RUselfcare for all of your posts so they are all in one place and can be easily found. I can't wait to see your ideas and am excited to see how YOU practice self-care!