The Trans Clothes Swap

Here is the first #RiotUnion project for everyone! The #RiotUnion is a feminist and LGBTQ* activist community fighting back against oppression and working together in solidarity.

For the first project I want to introduce to you a brilliant thing: trans clothes swaps! If you have started transitioning to your gender but still have clothes from your assigned gender lying about, you could swap with someone in a similar position or donate! That way transitioning gets cheaper for everyone & you don’t have to pay for a new wardrobe.



Trans Clothes Swap graphic for #RiotUnion

Take well-lit, clean photos of the clothes you want to swap / donate and post them on tumblr tagging #RiotUnionClothesSwap (as well as “trans clothes swap” to reach a wider audience). You can do this on any of your social media, just make sure to tag so I and others can find you! Clarify in your post whether you are donating (so free clothes but you or the recipient pays for shipping) or swapping (the recipient sends you clothes in return) and of course size and other clothing details! Make sure you signify how an interested person can contact you.


Protip: Try to avoid using terms like “women’s” or “men’s” clothing to make this a non-gendered and non-binary friendly exchange!


You can take part if you are cisgender too, but donations only is preferred if you are. In all likelihood everyone has some clothes that are in good shape but barely worn, so why not help out and give them to someone who needs them!


A great way to make sure more people see your post is to submit it to trans clothes exchange blogs on tumblr. There are international and national ones, so see which one works best for you. I recommend using the Tumblr Trans Clothing Exchange blog. (Read their guidelines first here.)


Read more about the #RiotUnion here!

Please be safe when getting into contact for donations or swaps. Please only send the clothes once the recipient has fulfilled their side of the agreement (e.g. sent you money for shipping). I am not liable for any problems you might encounter, so please take precautions.