What is the #RiotUnion? It's something I've wanted to be part of for a long while and finally I've decided to create it myself.

The #RiotUnion is starting out right now and will be a community of feminists and LGBTQ* people working for a good cause: Together we will try to change our oppressive society bit by bit in many different ways. The #RiotUnion will be activists rioting against oppression while also supporting, empowering and validating each other in our community.

Activism isn't always political. It's how you create family, how you create community. How you come together and empower one another. That's activism. - Ellen Page #RiotersGang

The #RiotUnion introduction tag

To introduce yourself and become part of the #RiotUnion just answer these questions on tumblr, instagram or youtube with the hashtag #RiotUnion! (Twitter is fine too, but the limited characters could be difficult.)

If there is a question you'd rather not answer, just leave it unanswered. If you aren't on the LGBTQ* spectrum you can leave related questions unanswered too.


What is your name?

What are your pronouns?

What gender and orientations do you identify as?

What kind of activist work do you have the resources for?

What kind of activist work would you do if you had the resources?

How do you think we can build a better LGBTQ* community?

What do you think you and others can do to make the world a more LGBTQ*-friendly place?

When and how did you realise you were a feminist?

How do you incorporate feminism into your everyday life?

What is your favourite feminist / LGBTQ* quote?

Which feminist / LGBTQ* book, film, song, youtuber or show do you love and recommend?

What advice would you give to a younger you?

Here's a video of me answering the questions for the Introduction Tag on youtube!

If you want to take part on tumblr or instagram...

  • ...you could post a selfie of yourself with the #RiotUnion logo and write the Q&A in the description OR
  • ...you could post a picture of the questions if you are not comfortable showing your face

Just save the #RiotUnion logo and add it to your selfie in photoshop or online at picmonkey using their "Overlay" feature.

Here is what that looks like on a recent selfie of mine on the left and on the right is the Q&A picture option if you prefer not posting a selfie.

Anyone joining the #RiotUnion at any point can introduce themselves this way, there is no time limit! I'm very excited to see all your introductions and cannot wait to riot with you!


Keep rioting,